The firm, which has been in business for more than 25 years, provides a personal, professional, fast, reliable and efficient service to our clients, while adhering to international standards.

The accounting firm of Ariel Rotman, Certified Public Accountants was established in 1995.

The firm provides a complete spectrum of accounting services to companies, non-profit institutions and to self-employed individuals in Israel.

The firm is one of the leading offices in Israel in the field of migration and relocation and provides a broad range of personalized consulting and support services that are supplemented by the unique services we have developed over the many years we have been involved in this field.

Migration and Relocation
Internal Control
Accountancy Services

The firm is a member of an international global tax network. The network has worldwide coverage and through it we provide a response to clients needing to submit annual filings in Israel and elsewhere in the world, while optimizing the tax and national insurance (social security) aspects in both Israel and the other country.